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      Gion got a reaction from Egoiste96 in Event hours aren't right   
      Hello, we are GMT+3, and the hours for rabbits are: 4:45, 12:45, 20:45
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      Gion reacted to ADMIN in Inflation - Zen losing value   
      We would love to keep Zen important at all stages of the game, without affecting newbies experience.
      So, we're up for suggestions
      L.E: Until now the idea of a moss gambler with crazy prices and chances to get from trash weapons up to good weapons with a low rate doesn't seems bad, IMO.
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      Gion reacted to Mitsakos in Inflation - Zen losing value   
      (Νot in game anymore but) If i recall right ADMIN lowered the cost of each RR on patch Patch - 16.09.2019. by a lot n total  
      Maybe you could increase it back?  
    4. Really?
      Gion got a reaction from Green in [Inception] Suggestion/Information   
      We asked the devs to find a solution, but they said that it is not (fully) on their side, plus the machine on which the server is hosted is not at 100% usage, but it is even around 50-60%.
      Buuut the server was not closed in a while(it is up since early testing period), and it might have some old loops -any machine needs a restart from time to time-, so we will have a maintenance in one of the following days, fact that is allowing us to do a system restart. 
      Hopefully we will see less lags after it. 
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      Gion got a reaction from Mynd33 in [Inception] Suggestion/Information   
      We asked the devs to find a solution, but they said that it is not (fully) on their side, plus the machine on which the server is hosted is not at 100% usage, but it is even around 50-60%.
      Buuut the server was not closed in a while(it is up since early testing period), and it might have some old loops -any machine needs a restart from time to time-, so we will have a maintenance in one of the following days, fact that is allowing us to do a system restart. 
      Hopefully we will see less lags after it. 
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      Gion reacted to Mitsakos in Mana Shield not working   
      Mana Shield: Max Rate: 30%. Formula: 2(%) + (AGI/700)(%) + (ENE/3500)(%). Duration: 60(seconds) + (ENE/80)(seconds). According to this formula you should have about 2+ 0,57 mana shield damage reduction. A.k.a. less than 3%. 
      You can/SHOULD read more about characters here 
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      Gion reacted to radzii in Mana Shield not working   
      Yes, it is nerfed intentionally. It has a 2% initial damage decrease and increases up to 30%.
      Formula: 2(%) + (AGI/700)(%) + (ENE/3500)(%).
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      Gion reacted to ADMIN in Patch - 20.09.2019   
      Release date: 20.09.2019 at 14:40 - Updates are up and no restart is needed - make sure to update client via Launcher as well!
      [FIXED] Some Event Entries require level from game being different than how they should be. [FIXED] One of the budges getting lost from his fellow invasion-buddies, spawning on different minute than the rest. [UPDATED] Adjusted mobs level dropping symbol of kundun so that on each kalima you can find the same symbol level and +1 level at Schrikers. [UPDATED] Chance of getting fruits from BoK+1/BoK+2 reduced from 30% to 20%. [UPDATED] Vega is now considered a Mid-Tier Ancient set across drops (downgraded from High Tier). [ADDED] Sword Dancer on Gold Medal as the MG weapon. [ADDED] Referral Week, read more about it here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3345-referral-week/  
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      Gion got a reaction from Tekashi69 in How to get started + some "secrets"   
      Hello to everybody!
      This guide is mostly addressing to the new players of MU, but not only!
      After watching the videos about MU online on YouTube, many of you might question yourself about the gameplay. I will try to describe the gameplay and what you have to do.
      First of all, we'll start with some details about the gameplay as a genre:
      In MU Online, like in most MMORPGs, players have to create a character among seven different classes and to set their foot on the MU Continent. In order to gain experience and thus to level up, a player needs to fight monsters (mobs). MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems, to frightening ones such as the Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. Outside of a duel, PvP fighting is possible but "discouraged". When one player attacks another, a self-defense system is activated, in which the attacked player may kill the aggressor within a time limit. Self-defense is also activated when a player attacks an Elf's summoned creature. Outlaws have disadvantages during game play, depending on their Outlaw level.
      At the start of the game the players can choose between four different character classes - Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf, and Summoner. Players can unlock a Magic Gladiator, a RageFighter and a Dark Lord as they progress. Each class has its specific powers and items. As characters level up and complete quests, they can transform themselves into stronger classes. Each progressive class change grants, gain access to new spells, skills, weapons and wings as well as an associated change in appearance.
      Mu Online has a built-in chat system that allows all visible players to easily communicate via text. Users can add custom players to their Friends List in-order to make it easy to keep in contact with one-another.
      I will start with the the "mechanical" part of the game, then we'll talk about the gameplay.
      Like most MMO games, characters in MU can use many different kinds of magic and special abilities. Each character has its own set of spells and some weapons may be enchanted in order to provide the character with a specific spell. Casting a spell costs MP (mana, or magic point) and sometimes AG or stamina.
      Some hot-keys:
      At the beginning you need to access your stats and inventory. You can do this by pressing C(here the level is displayed, your stats, etc) and V (inventory). In inventory you will find 2 rings, from where you can drop some nice starting items, but you can throw them on level 40 and on level 80. Each item occupies a number of slots from inventory. Above these slots you can equip items for your character, taking into account what you can wear and what you can not. Below you will find the amount of Zen that you posses. The Zen is used for teleporting, buying items from shops, item crafting, etc. There is a "plus" button too, it is the extended inventory, which drops in Karutan2. You can also sell items to shops for Zen.
      As you progress in level, you will unlock the "Repair" and "Store" options, also included in the inventory screen. - This should happen really fast.
      By unlocking the Repair function, you don't need to go to the BlackSmith shop anymore to repair items, you can do it by yourself (zen is used).
      By unlocking the Store function, you can sell items to other players for zen. Just drag and drop the item that you want to sell into the store and set its price(right click). You can choose your store name too.
      F - Friends / mail function, from level 6
      H - Event planner, displays the starting hour for some events
      D - Multitask bar, where you can request a player to Trade / Buy Store / Party / PM/ Request to join Guild etc., by selecting the wanted option and right click on the player
      Enter - Chat
      Printscreen button, saves the screenshot directly into your MU folder->Screenshots, no other software needed
      F1 - Help Box, press F1 in game for even more very useful hot-keys. You can press multiple times
      F10 - 3D Camera ON/OFF
      F11- Reset 3D Camera
      F12- Minimize the game
      M - Warping Menu
      A - Master Level, after completing Quest 3
      Z - In-Game Clicker
      B - Gens Menu (for Gens members)
      G - Guild Menu (for Guild members)
      P - Party Window (for Party members)
      Start your chat message with ~ for party chat / @ for guild chat / @@ for alliance chat / $ for gens chat
      If you want to buy Healing Potions, Mana potions, some items/spells , you need to search the safezones of some cities for NonPlayerCharacters that are selling these things for zen.
      You have an account Valut(Stash), where you can deposit your items. These items can be shared with your characters from the same account. It is located in almost every safezone of a city ( Safety Guardian is the name of the NPC).
      You can also find the Chaos Goblin in Noria, for some combinations (upgrade items from +9 to +15 / creating wings / etc), Lahap in Elbeland, for stacking the jewels.
      In the upper left corner, the coordinates for the current map are displayed.
      Players can choose to team up with other players in a "party", in which players cooperate against enemy monsters to share and increase exp and loot.
      Dark Wizard:
      Dark Wizards study the mystical arts, crafting the elements of nature into powerful spells such as Fireballs, Aquabeams, and even Ice Storms.
      They have the highest Energy of all the character classes.
      Points per level: 5 (usually, this attribute -for all characters- can vary with +-2, depending on the server type)
      Starting Strength: 18
      Starting Agility: 18
      Starting Vitality: 15
      Starting Energy: 30
      Life/HP: 60
      Mana: 60
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 2
      SD per level: 0.5
      Dark Knight:
      These dedicated warriors train endlessly to perfect their sword techniques.
      They channel their high Agility and Physical Strength stats into direct and area attacks like
      Twisting Slash, Death Stab and Rageful Blow.
      Points per level: 5
      Starting Strength: 28
      Starting Agility: 20
      Starting Vitality: 25
      Starting Energy: 10
      Life/HP: 110
      Mana: 20
      Life per level: 2
      Mana per level: 0.5
      SD per level: 1
      Fairy Elf:
      The fairy elves are skilled in both archery and magic, combining the two to provide both offensive and defensive support. Their abilities include special arrow attacks as well as the power to Buff the Attack and Defense for themselves and others.
      Points per level: 5
      Starting Strength: 22
      Starting Agility: 25
      Starting Vitality: 20
      Starting Energy: 15
      Life/HP: 80
      Mana: 30
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 1
      SD per level: 0.5
      Summoners, whose bloodline have been preserved since ancient times possess a natural gift in manipulating magical powers and communicating with another world.
      By using special scrolls, Summoners can summon mysterious monsters.
      Through their constant prayers and meditations, Summoners can incapacitate enemies by compromising their weaknesses.
      Points per level: 5
      Starting Strength: 21
      Starting Agility: 21
      Starting Vitality: 18
      Starting Energy: 23
      Life/HP: 70
      Mana: 40
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 1.5
      Magic Gladiator:
      Upon reaching a certain level (based on the server type -Inception / Phoenix-, this level is ~150-200), the Magic Gladiator is unlocked.
      These warriors combine spell and sword, bringing both to bear in the defense of MU; their arsenal includes abilities of both the Dark Knight and the Dark Wizard classes.
      Points per level: 7 - this is the advantage of choosing an MG at level that level
      Starting Strength: 26
      Starting Agility: 26
      Starting Vitality: 26
      Starting Energy: 16
      Life/HP: 110
      Mana: 60
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 1
      SD per level: 0.5
      Dark Lord:
      At the same level for each server, the fearsome Dark Lord is unlocked. Riding into battle on his steed, he is a terrifying force that summons his Dark Raven and Dark Horse to do his bidding.
      He is the only character with the Command stat. 
      Points per level: 7
      Starting Strength: 26
      Starting Agility: 20
      Starting Vitality: 20
      Starting Energy: 15
      Starting Command: 25
      Life/HP: 90
      Mana: 40
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 1
      The Rage Fighter is a remnant and descendant of Kalutal royal knight. They are specialized for charge attack based on their physical advantage and use special buffs learned from Kalutan royal knight (same unlocking level).
      Points per level: 7
      Starting Strength: 32
      Starting Agility: 27
      Starting Vitality: 25
      Starting Energy: 20
      Life/HP: 100
      Mana: 40
      Life per level: 1
      Mana per level: 1
      Dark Knight - is a warrior which deals good amounts of damage. He can be a tank too. Close range
      Dark Wizard - mage which deals damage from range. He is able to teleport, and has a lot of spells.
      Elf - Energy based Elf is a support character. The Agility Baset Elf is a good opp in Pvp.
      Summoner - mage, deals damage from range, has different buffs/debuffs and perks.
      Magic Gladiator - a combination between Dark Knight and Dark Wizard.
      RageFighter - warrior character, deals a lot of damage, close range
      Dark Lord - can use specific pets. Used as a both as damager and tank.
      HOT: MG / RF / DL can be unlocked at level 1 by purchasing VIP.
      We have tried to balance the power of the characters, so everyone can choose whatever class he wants.
      The main goal of this game is to reach level 400. Based on that, our community offers you multiple type of gameplay choices: Inception, Phoenix and the *Wormhole concept. We have some vaulted versions too (like Non-Reset, which might be back some day).
      Phoenix (Non-Reset with Optional resets type of gameplay): After your reach level 400 and finish your quests, you can farm your wanted items, you can go for Master Level (the 200th level is achieved by completing different tasks/quests), hunt events, PVP, etc. OR to reset to level 1 (you keep the items and ML), with a stats reset to level 1 (you get a low amount of bonus points, ~100) and you start over. There is a limited number of resets (~10). 
      Inception (Multiple Resets type of gameplay): Same as Phoenix, but at level 400 you can reset you character to level 1 in order to start with a bigger amount of bonus points(~1000). Usually there are around 35 resets possible.
      *Special *WormHole: The WormHole Concept, also known as Inception's kid, is a low term server (~60 days) where the gameplay is mostly the same as the one from Inception, but with limited access to some game items/features, and after some time (~50 days) you will be able to transfer your character to Inception. It is basically a wormhole for those who arrive later on Inception but want to still hit the top.
      You can find all these servers here -----> https://mu.oldsquad.ro
      Choose the right one for you ! 
      **Note: Phoenix's exp rate is lower than Inception's, because we had to create balance for all the gameplays.
      After you have joined MU and you have already chose a character, it's time to go kill some mobs for level up. You can only kill just a few monsters with your bare hands. You will need spells, items, potions, and, the most important thing, another players. You can create 2 accounts which can be connected at the same time, so you can start with multiple characters (much easier for you to level up, farm, etc.).
      I suggest you to read the info for your chosen version of server on forum.
      First you jump in the game, click the Elf Soldier (Shadow Phantom Soldier) to receive some bonus damage/defense, then you go to kill some mobs for level up. After killing some mobs, you will notice that you are not killing fast enough, so you need to search for some spells. Maybe you will find some in the shops. You can find shops in many maps, in safezones. You can buy some starting items from there, and some potions of healing and mana too. Shops are NPCs which are selling items to you for a certain amount of zen (zen is dropping from mobs). After you find some spells (don't worry if you won't find too many spells in shops, the most of spells are dropping from mobs in certain maps/spots) you can level up easier.
      By the time you are leveling up, you must also search/obtain better items. There are items designed for each class (as well as spells). 
      Items are classified as follows:
      On each weapon the damage and the required stats are displayed if you move your cursor on it. *Note regarding required stats: the game will sometimes display a smaller required number than the real one, unfortunately unfixable atm, but you can check the required stats on the test server: 
      Swords/Blades/Maces/Staffs/Scepters, each designed for a certain class.
      Tip: There are 2 types of damage received from weapons: normal damage, and wizardry damage(rise). If your character is a "warrior" type character (Dark Knight, Strength Magic Gladiator, etc), the damage that you are looking for is the normal one, written at one or two handed attack power. But if your character is a "mage" type character (Dark Wizard, Energy Magic Gladiator, Summoner, etc), you need to take into account the wizardry damage, not the normal attack power of the item.
      -Set Items:
      Armors/Helmets/Boots/Gloves/Pants/Shields. each designed for a certain class, having the defense and the required stats displayed if you move your cursor on it.
      Some of the items are normal, just as listed above, while other items can be Excellent items (like the normal items, but here some options are added to the item, for example Increased Damage for weapons and decreased damage for set items. These options are upgrading the normal items to excellent items. You can not add or remove any options from an item), Ancient items (normal items with lots of extra options, organized in sets of multiple items -you need to find more items from a certain set in order for the options to be active-) and Socket Items (special items, on which you can add your desired options in the free slots).
      Each kind of item is obtained in a different way, more details about the drops and item tiers at the Info&Rules section (Make sure that you are reading the right topic for your previously chosen server).
      -Rings / Pendants : Rings are used like set items and pendants are giving bonus damage.
      A much easier way to level up is when you are AFK, and we have a clicker implemented in our client, press Z in-game.
      If you want to upgrade an item, you need jewels.
      You can farm most of the items/jewels by participating at in-game events (Chaos Castle, Blood Caste, Devil Square, Invasions, etc). Some of the events can be used for leveling up too. 
      You will team up with some players to compete against other players at these events.
      You can create / join a guild. A guild is your "team" of players. After teaming up with your guild mates, you will unite your forces with them to conquer the Land of MU. There are lots of hot features and events for guild members. 
      Types of jewels:
      -Jewel of Bless: directly increasing the item level, also used for some mixes
      -Jewel of Soul: directly increasing the item level, also used for some mixes
      -Jewel of Life: used to increase the ADD option of an item, and sometimes for some mixes
      -Jewel of Chaos: used in mixes, it's the key jewel for almost any mix
      -Jewel of Creation: used in mixes
      -Gemstone: unrefined Jewel of Harmony
      -Jewel of Harmony: used to add the harmony(yellow) option, and for some mixes
      -Jewel of Guardian: used for Purple Option Mix
      Upgrading items:
      You can upgrade the level of an item by using some Jewels (Bless, Soul).
      Let's say that you are a Dark Knight and you have found an Excellent Lightning Sword +luck +opt. The damage shown is 89~97.For example, if you want to increase the damage of the sword (thus the level of the item) you can drag a Jewel of Bless into the item. Now the item level is +1 and the displayed damage is 92~100. You can upgrade your items up to +15.
      You can use Jewel of Bless to upgrade your item to +6, 100% chance of success.
      You can use Jewel of Soul to upgrade your item from +6 to +9,  or from +1 to +9, but here the chance of success is not 100% (your item level can go back from +2 to +1, +7 to +6, +8 to + 7, etc, or from +8 to +0).
      If you want to go higher with the level of the item (+10, +11, .. , +15), you need to go to the Chaos Goblin in Noria(180 100) and hit the Regular Combination button, then give your +9 item to the Goblin, besides a Jewel of Bless, a Jewel of Soul and a Jewel of Chaos. Attention : A chance of success will be displayed by the Goblin. If your combination fails, your item will disappear. For the +11 combination you will need the +10 item + 2xJewel of Bless + 2xJewel of Soul + 1xJewel of chaos and so on, up to +15. *There is a special talisman used to make the item remain in case of a fail, but you will find it during gameplay.
      Now if you have a Jewel of Life(JOL) you can drag it into an item to upgrade its Additional Damage/Def (ADD). If you don't have the ADD option, then the JOL will create it (+4). If you add another JOL the add might go to +8, but it can downgrade the item too, just like Jewel of Soul does.
      Item options (for better understanding the difference between the item classes) :
      You will find items in the game. Let's say that you find a Small Axe (with the displayed damage 1~6) - this is a normal item.
      Normal items can have only 2 kind of extra options: Luck and ADD(Additional Damage/Defense)
      But if you find an Excellent Small Axe, by picking it up you will see that an Excellent option is displayed (like damage decreased for set items and Increased Damage for weapons). This "excellent" option is what makes a normal item to be an excellent one. You will also notice that the damage for Excellent Small Axe is 31~36.
      Excellent items can have Luck+add+max 2 exc options (and minimum 1 exc option).
      Ancient items: Items dropped in specific locations, organized in sets (an ancient set can have different items) for activation. 
      For example, the Hyon Set for Dark Knight has 4 components: Hyon Sword + Hyon Helm + Hyon Gloves + Hyon boots. If you only have 1 part of the set equipped, no ancient options are active. If you will equip another part, the first ancient option will be activated. If you equip the 3rd part, 2 option are active, and when you equip the final part, all the ancient options will be activated.
      You can combine the ancient sets for various options (Hyon+Vicious).
      Socket items: items dropped in specific locations (level required: 400). These items are normal items (can have Luck and ADD) with some empty slots, slots that you can fill with your chosen options. You need to craft specific items for filling these slots.
      Plus, if you have a Jewel of Harmony, you can drag it into a normal or an Excellent item (not working for ancient/socket items) to add the harmony option to the item. You can increase the level of the yellow option by adding Higher of Lower Refinery Stones into the item. You can obtain these stones from Osbourne(Aida), by transforming some random items. You must increase the level of the item if you want to use refinery stones. For example, if you use a JOH for yellow option and you get let's say Damage Decrement Increase. If your item level is 0~9 you will have DDI 3%. If you upgrade your item to +10 you will be able to use a refinery stone to upgrade the DDI to +4%, and so on until +13. At +13 your DDI level will be 7%. These are the default values, you might encounter different upgrade level requirements for different yellow options on our servers.
      There are several harmony options, so in order to remove your harmony option (if it's shitty), to be able to add another one, you have to go to Jerridon in Aida.
      Even more, if you have a Jewel of Guardian (dropped in specific locations), a jewel of Harmony and a 380 level item, you can go to the Goblin(Noria), hit the Item Option Combination, then combine these 3 items for obtaining the 380 Purple Option.
      *Options on Excellent items:
      An Excellent item can have a maximum of 2 options (some exceptions when you use Lord Mix).
      For Set items:
      -Increase Max HP +4% 
      -Increase Max Mana +4%
      -Damage Decrease +4% (received damage)
      -Reflect Damage +5%
      -Defense Success Rate +10% (mobs only)
      -Increase Zen after killing mobs +30%
      For Weapons:
      -Excellent Damage Rate +10%
      -Increase Damage +2%
      -Increase Damage + lvl/20
      -Increase Speed (Wizardry) +7
      -Increase Life after killing mobs +8/mob (for weapons)
      -Increase Mana after killing mobs +8/mob (for weapons)
      *Options on ancient items:
      Each ancient set has its own options, and there are multiple sets for each class of characters.
      Example of bonus options for Hyon Set (BK):
      -Increase Defensive Skill +25
      -Double Damage Rate 10%
      -Increase Skill Attacking Rate +20
      -Increase Critical Damage Rate +15%
      -Increase Excellent Damage Rate +15%
      -Increase Critical Damage +20
      -Increase Excellent Damage +20
      Note: These options will activate once you equip each item.
      *Options on Socket items:
      Adding options into a Socket item is not an easy job, since these items can be equipped at level 400 (end-game items). I suggest you to skip this step for now, and come back again at the right time (when you will actually own a Socket Item).
      The maximum number of slots for a Socket item is different for each server. For this tutorial, let's consider that the maximum number of slots is 3. You must add some "Seeds", containing options, into these items.
      Let's suppose that we have have in inventory an ordinary Socket item (Royal Armor for DL) +3 empty slots (the item can have luck and ADD, but it does not matter). 
      There are 6 types of seeds, each type having its own possible options:
        Type Options   Fire Attack/Wizardry damage increase (pro rata to level) 
      Attack speed increase 
      Maximum attack/Wizardry damage increase 
      Attack/Wizardry damage increase   Water Defense success rate increase 
      Defense increase 
      Shield defense increase 
      Damage reduction 
      Damage reflection   Earth Stamina increase   Wind Life auto recovery increase 
      Maximum Life increase 
      Maximum Mana increase 
      Automatic Mana recovery increase 
      Maximum AG increase 
      AG value increase   Lightening Excellent damage increase 
      Excellent damage rate increase 
      Critical damage increase 
      Critical damage success rate increase 
          Ice Skill damage increase 
      Attack success rate increase 
      Item durability increase
      First of all we need to craft a Seed. We can find the Seed Master in Elbeland(45 240), and choose the Seed Extraction button. For the Seed combination we need: any kind of ancient item +4(no ancient rings/pendants) + any kind of excellent item +4(no exc rings/pendants) + 1 Jewel of Harmony + 1 Jewel of Creation + 1 Jewel of Chaos.
      I have used a Mist Helm +4(ancient item) + an exc Dragon Armor +ref + 1 JOH + 1 creation + 1 chaos. All the seed extractions will have an 80% chance of success. When it fails, all the jewels will disappear and Ancient and Excellent items will randomly downgrade to level 0~2.
      I just got an Increase Max Life Seed. 
      The next step is to combine the Seed with a Sphere (which drops at specific locations). The better quality(level) the sphere has, the stronger option it will induce. Let's consider the max level for the sphere to be 4.
      Take the Seed, the Sphere, 1 chaos , 1 creation back to the Seed Master and hit the Seed Sphere Assembly.
      When it's successful : 
      A seed sphere will be created. Once this is mounted to a socket item, it will give the item that special option. 
      When it fails : 
      All the items that were put into combination will disappear.
      I have used a level 4 Sphere, and now my Seed in Sphere is Increase Maximum Life +8%. 
      For level 3 sphere: Increase HP +7%, 6% for level 2 and 5% for level 1.
      After you got this, all you need to do is to mount it to the item, with 100% chance of success. Go to the Seed Researcher in Elbeland(50 240), choose the first option and you got it. You can also remove Seeds from Sockets at the Seed Researcher.
      !!! The Bonus for Socket items:
      You will get some bonuses if you place the seeds in items as it's displayed in the next table:

      As you see, some bonuses have a chance of success. So if you've placed the seeds as it's written in the table and your item is not showing the bonus, you can replace one random seed with the same seed or the same type of seed.

      About Pets:
      Pets are used by players to get more damage / defense. The pets are mostly used only in PvE (because they die fast PvP), but not only.
      What pets can you find / craft:
      -Guardian Angel, can be found. Bonuses by equipping a Guardian Angel: Absorb 20% of Damage; Increases max HP +50. Minimum level required: 23. Careful, this pet dies fast PvP !
      -Imp (Satan), can be found. Bonuses: Increase Damage +30%. Min req lvl: 28. Dies fast at PvP too.
      -Demon, can be found. Bonuses: Increase Damage +40%; Attack Speed +10. Min req lvl: 28. Dies fast at PvP.
      -Horn of Uniria, can be found. Bonuses: Increases the moving speed. Min req lvl: 25. Dies fast at PvP.
      -Horn of Dinorant, needs to be crafted at the Chaos Goblin (Noria). You need 10 Horns of Uniria and a Jewel of Chaos (75% success rate). Bonuses: lets you fly ( if you don't have wings and you need to go in Icarus); Increase Damage +15%; Absorb 10% of Damage. Min req lvl: 110. Dies fast at PvP
      -Horn of Fenrir, needs to be crafted. The Fenrir is the most powerful pet from MU, and it can be used for PvP (it dies pretty hard). For the crafting, you need multiple items. First of all you will need craft 5 Fragments of Horn. A Fragment of Horn can be made by combining 20xSplinter of Armor + 20xBless of Guardian+1 Jewel of Chaos (the splinter of armor and the bless of guardian are dropping in certain maps, usually KalimaX or Crywolf depending on the server) at the Chaos Goblin with 60% success rate. After you have 5 of this Fragments of Horn, you will need to search again that map for 10xClaw of Beast. Take the Claws and the Fragments of Horn and 1 Jewel of Chaos to the Goblin and combine them all together for a Broken Horn (50% chance of success). If you got the Broken Horn, you are at the last step. You need to combine this Broken Horn with 3 JOLs and 1 Jewel of Chaos (30% success rate). If you combination succeeds, you will get the most desired Horn of Fenrir (Red). The Red Fenrir does not offer any advantages, besides the maximum moving speed and some Pvp advantages. Yet. If you want your Fenrir to increase your stats, you will need to go through another combination. You can choose (based on your actual stats) if you want your Fenrir to "protect you" (Blue Fenrir), or if you want it to increase your damage (Black Fenrir). For the Blue Fenrir (absorbs 10% of damage) you need your Red Fenrir, 5 JOLs, 1 Jewel of Chaos and 1 Set Item+4 +4add minimum (armor/gloves/shield etc). The combination has 79% chance of success. If you want the Black Fenrir (Increases Damage +10%), you need to replace the Set Item with a Weapon, same 79% chance. There is a Golden Fenrir too, a pet which can be won by participating at Staff Events. I left a link at the end of this tutorial. 
      You can restore the Fenrir's HP by dragging a Jewel of Bless into it. For the rest of the pets, you can do nothing to heal them up, for now.
      You can evolve your character by making some special quests. Usually you have to do these quests in order to be able to use better spells and better gear.
      First Quest:
      In order to Upgrade your class, you have to be at least at level 150, then Warp into Devias then go to Sebina the Priest (Devias, 185 30). This quest is available only for Dark Knight, Dark Wizard,  Elf ,  and Summoner.
      In the first part of this quest you will be asked to find the "Scroll of Emperor". This quest item is usually dropped in LostTower 1~3, by killing mobs.
      After finding the Scroll, for part 2 you will be asked to find another item, which usually drops in LostTower 7 and sometimes in Tarkan/Aida.
      After finishind the quest you will upgrade as follows: Dark Knight into Blade Knight (BK), Dark Wizard into Soul Master (SM),  Elf into Muse Elfe (ME) ,  and Summoner into Bloody Summoner (BS).
      Marlon Quest:
      Located random in Devias(185 30) or Lorencia(130 85) or Noria(170 90) or Atlans(20 25).
      Again available only for BK, SM, Elf, Summ. At level 220, you need to complete this Marlon Quest, in order to be able to get 6 points per level instead 5, from now on (or 4 instead of 3, depending on the server). You will be asked to find the "Ring of Honor", which usually drops in Tarkan.
      Now there is a part two of this quest, but available only for BK. The players will need to find the Dark Stone (drops also in Tarkan).After delivering the Dark Stone to Marlon, the BK will learn to do a combo. Combo is the specific skill for the BK class, and you can do a Combo by combining some spells (without failure). The basic Combo is done by using the Weapon Skill + Twisting Slash Skill + Death Stab skill. You can explore more combinations of skills.
      MG/DL/RF can not do this quest at all since they already get 7 points per level.
      Warning: It is almost mandatory to do this quest since your first reset, since you cannot get the lost points back if you do reset.
      Third Quest [Hard]:
      Now this quest is available for all classes and it can vary depending on the server type. 
      You can start the first part at level 380 by going to Apostle Devin, Lorencia, near bar. He will tell you to bring 3 items:
      - Flame of Death Beam Knight, dropped only by the Death Beam Knight in Tarkan2 around 175 215
      - Horn of Hell Maine, dropped only by the Hell Maine in Aida2 around 115 65
      - Feather of Phoenix, dropped only by Phoenix of Darkness in Icarus around 40 200
      That's the hardest part of the quest, the items can be dropped in few hours to few days.
      After delivering the quest items, you will be asked to be level 400 in order to proceed.
      The Apostle will tell you to kill 20 x each monster from Barracks. The NPC for warping into Barracks is situated in CryWolf(60 235) or near Lorencia Bar. 
      For the third part you will need to kill the Dark Elf in Refuge. So you will need to head back to Barracks, and to go to the Refuge Gate at the end of Barracks(120 170). Inside you will find the Dark Elf.
      By finishing the 3rd Quest, you will evolve, and you will unlock the Master Skill Tree (Press A). You gain master points by killing specific Master Level (ML) mobs. 
      Maximum ML : ~200
      !!! I strongly recommend you to test each upgrade of the skill tree (and not only) on the Test server in order to make sure that you will actually obtain the desired result!
      About the in-game events:
      -Chaos Castle: 
      You can find the invitation for Chaos Castle (CC) at the shop from Lore Bar (Armor of Guardsman is the item).
      As you can see if you click on the Invitation, there are 7 CCs, 1 for each different level range. This invitation works for any level -only for CC, for other events you will need to craft the right invitation for your level- .
      Inside CC you will have to wait until registering stops (multiple players can join), and you will have a specific skin (so it will be quite hard to distinguish the players from mobs). Mobs have a very high chance to drop jewels inside CC.
      There will be a total of 100 characters (players+mobs), and the last standing man is the winner. The winner has a reward (from jwls to ancient items, etc). So you go CC for farming items/jwls.
      -Blood Castle:
      For Blood Castle (BC), you need to craft the right invitation based on your level (check server details for the required levels, or simply ask a player). Let's say that you have level X and you need the BC Y invitation. You need to find Blood Bone +Y and Scroll of Archangel +Y. Take these 2 items and a Jewel of Chaos to the Goblin in Noria, hit the Regular Combination button and voila. Then right click on the invitation when you are in safe-zone to Warp into BC.
      There the main goal is to cross the bridge, destroy the gate, and destroy the statue that will appear up on the throne, after killing some mobs. The player that destroys the statue will acquire the Weapon of Archangel, and he need to bring it back to the starting zone and click on the Archangel to get the reward and end the event. You can team up with your party against other players/parties. 
      The experience gained in BC is being usually doubled, so you can use this event for level up too.
      -Devil Square:
      Just like for BC, you will need to craft the right Devil Square (DS) invitation for your level. You will need Devil's Eye, Devil's Key and a Jewel of Chaos for your Goblin combination.
      Inside DS the experience gained is being doubled, and the mobs might drop some end-tier spells, besides jewels and ancient items, etc.
      You can team up with your party for a faster kill. This event is used for leveling up.
      -Golden Invasions:
      From time to time, some maps will be invaded by some Golden Creatures (a message will be displayed on global chat). You need to find and kill these Goldens in order to receive some rewards. One of the basic rewards for killing these Goldens is the Box of Kundun (BOK). The level range for BOK is 1 ~ 5, depending on the level of the Golden that you have killed. By dropping this BOK, you will find an Excellent Item. Hunt more Goldens for finding all the items / weapons from a set. 
      Details about spawn points and drop list at Info for each server.
      Also, check the server info for more invasions, like Rabbits, White Wizard, etc.
      -Illusion Temple:
      Once the event start has been announced you have 5 minutes time to go to the Illusion Temple NPC (Elbeland 55 240) and register for the level/reset range you are in. The event consists out of two teams(randomly generated - max 2 teams of 5 ppl) who will try to get as many items from the Stone Henge NPC as possible. Once a player has received the item he will be slowed. Returning the item to the base camp will get the team 1 point. The players will not be able to use their skills in battle. They will be granted skills only when killing adversaries. Also the players look will change just like in chaos castle.
      When you enter you are warped inside the waiting room until illusion temple starts, when it starts teams are putted together 'alliance' and 'illusion' team. Teams are random meaning u cannot chose your ally nor your opponent. In illusion temple the purpose of the game is to capture the 'illusion temple ball' located in the north and in the south of the map you must return these to a container at your starting place

      Note: your running speed while carrying the ball will decrease dramatically making u slow and easy to catch
      When the ball carrier is killed he drops the ball. When you return the ball to your starting place your team will gain 1 point. Max points: 7

      When you kill an opponent you will gain 5 killpoints, this being your personal score and not from the team. These points are to use special abilities inside illusion temple.
      Magic shield order: 5p. Function: Prevents 100% of DMG, duration 15 sec; Resistance order: 5p. Function: Paralyzes the enemy for 15 sec; Tracking order: 10p. Function: teleports you to the Ball; Freeze time: 5p. Function: Takes enemy 50% of SD.

      Once the event starts, players who are in are assigned to a random team and get a team uniform.
      For each opposing player killed, the killing team gets five skill points which can be spent to temporarily improve their character during the event. On top of killing other players, there are 2 statues located in the event map, each holding an event ball.
      Each team's base also comes equipped with a pedestal, where players can bring back the event balls for points. Once a ball is taken from a status, both statues disappear. 

      They reappear again once a team returns the ball to their respective base.
      The first team which is able to return the ball seven times first wins. So not only is it important to kill the opposing team as much as possible, but to also gather as many event balls as possible while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. The ball carrier will move in slow motion, so it's important for his or her teammates to work together to protect the ball carrier from the opposing team. Once a ball carrier is killed, disconnected or leaves the event, the ball will fall to the ground and is able to be picked up by any player on either team.
      -CryWolf Event:
      This event happens twice a week. 
      In CryWolf is a Statue with some pedestals. At the beginning, at least one ELF has to stand on a random pedestal during the whole event. The last ELF mustn't move or die, because the event will be canceled. The Kundun army will spawn, and the rest of the players must defeat the army, and protect the Elves on pedestals and the Statue. Each mob kill has a nice reward, plus, if the event is finished, the WHOLE SERVER will get some bonus exp (for example, on Phoenix you get 15% bonus exp after finishing CW event).
      -Refinery Tower:
      Refinery Tower is the place where you can refine Gemstones, and turn them to Jewels of Harmony (with an 80% chance of success). The Refinery Tower entrance is located in Kanturu Relics(140 185). Sometimes the refinery is open(meaning that the Refinery Event was finished before by another player/s).
      If you find the Refinery Tower closed, you have to complete the event.
      First of all, you will need a Moonstone Pendant equipped, which drops in the same map from regular mobs. After acquiring the pendant, you have to wait for the gate to be opened. Once you are inside, you will fight Maya's hands and minions. After defeating them, you have to face the boss, Nightmare, which drops nice rewards when killed. After Nightmare is killed, the Refinery Tower will be open again for everyone for a certain amount of time.
      -Castle Siege:
      This event has a dedicated topic, since our system is unique. Check the forum info for your server !
      Wings are special items that can be obtained by farming and upgrading another items. There are multiple kind of wings: Small Wings, Level 1 Wings, Level 2 Wings, Level 3 Wings, Level 4 Wings.
      The rate of success for wings is influenced by the items that are used.
      For example, the small wings will be dropped from one of the rings that you will find in your inventory when you first log in to the game. You need to be at least level 80 to be able to drop this ring.
      For Wings lvl 1 you need to combine some low tier items at the Goblin(Noria). Wings level 2, 3, 4 are just upgrades from wings lvl 1, and you need to acquire certain items for each upgrade.
      I will give an example of basic Wings lvl 1 combination:
      Careful, DL / RF cannot equip any level 1 Wings !
      Below you will find info about some jewels too.
      First you need to go to the Goblin(Noria), hit the Chaos Weapon Combination button. For this combination you'll need an item at least +4 and +4 Additional Dmg/Def (add). I suggest you to use an item dropped by a Medal. But you can also upgrade an item to +4 (or more) using Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Soul. You can upgrade your item to +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6 with Jewel of Bless in a 100% safe way. Just drag it into the item. You can't go higher than +6 with Jewel of Bless. From +6 to +9 you will need to use the Jewel of Soul, but here the chance of success is not 100% (your item level can go back from +2 to +1, +7 to +6, +8 to + 7, etc, or from +8 to +0). 
      If you want to some Additional Damage / Def (ADD) for your item, you need to use a Jewel of Life (JOL). By dragging the JOL into the item you will sum +4 ADD. If you drag another JOL your item will go to +8 ADD, etc.
      Careful, the JOL can also downgrade the ADD (from +4 add to +0, +12 to +8, +12 to +0, etc).
      Max ADD on items: Usually +28
      Max ADD for Goblin: +16. If you upgrade your items up to +16, your general chance for Chaos Combinations will be increased. If you exceed +16 ADD (+20, +24, +28), your item ADD will be count as 0 or smth.
      So for our Chaos Weapon Combination we need an item at least +4 and +4 add and a Jewel of Chaos. You can raise the levels of the items for a better chance of success. I have used a Plate Helm +8 +12add for a 62% chance of success, then I used a JOL to upgrade the add to +16 for a 100% chance of succes and the Chaos Weapon has been created. I got it +2 and +0 add. For the next step we need again our Chaos Weapon to be at least +4 and +4 add. You can upgrade your current Chaos weapon with Bless, Soul and JOL or you can go for another combination. I'll go for another combination. Damn, I got a new Chaos Weapon, but this time it's +1 and +0 add. Better upgrade the previous one from +2 and +0 add to +4 and +4 add. 
      For step 2 I will use the +4 and +4 add Chaos weapon to create the wings. Click on the Goblin, and hit the Regular Combination button. Now insert your Chaos Weapon and a Jewel of Chaos to create the wings. But wait, my chance of success now is only 11%. I will upgrade the Weapon to +5. Meh, not good, 13%. I will upgrade the ADD to +8. 19%. We need more. Wait, there says that if I add a Jewel of Bless or Soul to the combination the rate will increase. Let's see. 24% with a Jewel of Bless. 28% with both Bless and Soul. We need more. There says that we can add a +4 and +4 add item to increase the rate. I will find another item. I just got a Lightning Sword +5 and +4 add. 46%. I need a better item. By the time I got me another Lightning Sword +7 + add 4. Let's try the combination with this new sword. 68%. And if I add my old Lightning Sword +5+add4 I get 86%. I just hit the Combine button, and I got some Wings Level 1 for Elf.
      If your combination succeeds, you can get Wings of Satan (for Dark Knight / Magic Gladiator), Wings of Heaven (Dark Wizard / Magic Gladiator), or wings of Elf, random.
      Now we can equip our wings (if they're matching our class), or we can trade them.
      Wings level 2 are just an upgrade from wings level 1. Now DL and RF can create their own wings(capes).
      If you want to upgrade your lvl 1 wings to lvl 2, you will need a Feather (for BK, SM, MG, ELF and Summ) or a Crest of Monarch (for DL / RF). Both the Feather and the Crest of Monarch can be found in Icarus by killing mobs.
      Your need 1st quest to be able equip these wings.
      I suggest you to raise the add of the Wings to +12 or +16 for a higher chance.
      I have a pair of lvl 1 wings of Elf +1 +12 add, 1 chaos and 1 Feather. My chance is 53%.
      There it says that I can add again an item to increase the rate. But this time it has to be an Excellent item.
      Luckily I already have a Skull Shield +7 +luck +add8 +zen and I get a 87% chance and I got some Summoner Wings level 2 +HP.
      Again, the wings will be random (in case of success). For DL / RF capes use Crest of Monarch instead of Feather.
      Wings level 3
      For wings level 3 you need 3rd quest in order to be able to equip 'em.
      You need these items for your Chaos Combination:
      -Condor's Flame: has a very low drop rate in Swamp
      -Feather of Condor: you need to craft this item
      -1 Jewel of Chaos
      -1 bundle of 10 Bless
      -1 bundle of 10 Soul
      -1 Jewel of Creation
      -an Excellent item +9 +add4 at least
      The max rate of success for Wings level 3 is 40%.
      Feather of Condor combination ingredients (max rate of succes 60%) : Wings lvl 2 +9 +add4 (you don't need more for wings) + Ancient item +7 +add4 (at least) + 1 Jewel of Chaos + 1 Jewel of Creation + 1 bundle of 10 Soul.
      Tip: always use +16 add on items for the best success rate at Chaos Combination (where the ADD does matter for the combination)
      I suggest you to use high-tier ancient items (Hyon Sword or/and Gywen Bow) at least +9 +add16 for a higher chance. For example with Wings of Dragon +9 +add4, 1 bundle of 10 soul, 1 chaos, 1 creation and 1 Hyon Sword +9 +add16 I get 30% chance of succes. If I add another Hyon Sword +9+add16 I get 60% chance of Succes.
      Another way to increase your chance is to upgrade your ancient item to +10. With only 1 Hyon Sword +10 +add16 I get 53% chance of succes.
      After crafting the Feather, we can go back to our basic combination: Condor's Flame, Feather of Condor, 1 Jewel of Chaos, 1 bundle of 10 Bless, 1 bundle of 10 Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation and an Excellent items +9 +add4 at least.
      For this combination I have a Rune Blade +9 +add16. My chance of success is 25%. I suggest you to use MG weapons for this combination. 
      I can upgrade my Rune Blade to +10 for a 38% chance of succes or bring another Exc item +9 +add16.
      If your combination succeeds, you will acquire a pair of random Wings level 3 (Capes for DL / RF included now) with random options. I just got a Cape of Emperor +ignore for DL with 38% chance of success.
      When it fails : 
      All the items that were put into the combination will disappear.
      For Wings level 4 we have a special topic, please check it out.
      About Gens:
      Maybe you have noticed that you can not access the "Battle" maps. That's because on these maps only the members of Gens are allowed. Gens is a PvP system,  and you can earn contribution points and reward from PvP against the opposing Gens. There are 2 Gens families: Vanert and Duprian. You can join any Gens family by going to the special gens NPC, near Lorencia Ring. After you have joined a family, you will free PK the opp family in the battle maps, and you can't see opps names on battle maps.
      We also want to offer you the best gameplay, so we have created a Special Series of Events, made by staff.
      More details here ----> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1651-osp-weekly-events-monthly-competition-legends-group/
      This is only the basic guide for you to start.We strongly  recommend you to browse the info for your server! Google is sometimes a good source too.
      I will let this topic open for any questions .
    10. Like
      Gion reacted to Mitsakos in WE HAVE A WEDDING TO ATTEND ON 28/8/19!!!!   
      We would like to thank everybody who came and shared our joy. The pre-wedding party started a few mins earlier with the groom and some sexy elves dancing for him, then the wedding  ceremony and finally ADMIN showed up and made a server exc drop giveaway. Big shout out to Zutto also for his gifts-giveaway 1zen, the real master of gifting  Video will be uploaded soon in the next days for all to see, sadly if you were not there you missed the fun, some things cannot be displayed properly not even in video. So, some sneak peak photos and once again Thank you all for coming, HUGE SHOUTOUT to  Gion, ADMIN and Zutto for their support in all this and from the bottom of my heart I wish to Inception project a very, very, very good start and good luck!!! IMMORTAL will be there probably to have more fun and more silly events
      Kind Regards
    11. Like
      Gion reacted to ADMIN in Announcing Inception - Back to Origins!   
      Our next project will start somewhere at the beginning of September.
      OldSquad - Inception - The 3rd edition of the old Max30RR server.
      Inception is the server where everything started in our community, and we're working on a bigger revamp of it, bringing new systems and features for you to enjoy.
      A fixed date for the start will be announced at the end of August, along with full info about the server.
      So, make sure to be free at the beginning of September to start a new journey in our world!
      Stay tunned on our site & forum for news.
      OldSquad Team.
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      Gion reacted to Winry in Suggestions about Golden Race   
      +1 on Bob! We call him that already anyway!
      I want blue dragon! Called it!
      Ooooooor a bunny! Bunnies are fast! Tyvm!
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      Gion reacted to Mitsakos in Suggestions about Golden Race   
      As we discussed in game with Gion, some small things (cosmetical mostly) could be changed. Also people could write down their Ideas and vote for them. So we are here now suggesting silly things:
      1)Race Manager could be renamed to Bob. I like BoB and we are a big family in MU lets be less formal, Race Manger sounds distant
      2)Golden Budge Dragon  skins could be changed to other creatures. I know for sure they have different attributes, not sure tho about their distance travel and animation while moving. So i would like to suggest, instead of everyone to be plain golden, you could re-paint the models, for example 1 green, 1 blue, 1pink, 1 golden, 1 red/orange, 1 white/silver and so on. 
    14. Haha
      Gion reacted to Mitsakos in 'Official' Spam Topic !   
      inspired from the artistic nature of some of our fellow community members, I -PROUDLY- present you my BK

    15. Thanks
      Gion reacted to snake in Cape of Lord & Small Cape of Lord   
      Probably because normal cape you can make it ++++ and the small cape can not be ++++
    16. Really?
      Gion got a reaction from codrutz in [Phoenix] Mid-Late Game Feedback   
      If there are some major problems/brilliant ideas we can do some changes in the actual DB
      #LE: the players can always start a poll, and I guess if the number of votes will be high, y'all know.. 
    17. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from Rothgar in error   
      Ty for the answer, @Rothgar
      Topic pinned
      If there are any additional questions, don't hesitate to reply here
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      Gion reacted to blocker147 in Test server commands   
      One more trick with ancient option: +5 stamina or +10 stamina.
      You need to increase ancient option value on [+4] to get +10 stamina.
      Next command will drop warrior leather boots: /drop 11 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 (+5 stamina)
      /drop 11 5 0 0 0 0 0 9 (+10 stamina)
      Next command will drop anonymous leather boots:  /drop 11 5 0 0 0 0 0 6   (+5 stamina)
      /drop 11 5 0 0 0 0 0 10 (+10 stamina)
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      Gion got a reaction from Trâu in New PvP idea   
      Since we have no concludent answer from a majority yet, I suggest to you, @ADMIN, to create a poll, more like a referendum, where the players can choose between these ideas, or to keep the system as it is now.
      I also suggest that this poll to have a fixed date, announced, and to last only 6-12 hours. 
      If ADMIN accepts, I guess it's the Best time for you, the players, to come up with more ideas, so there will be more options. 
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      Gion got a reaction from Trâu in New PvP idea   
      Hello, initially we thought about this: when you kill a player and gain the outlaw status, your pk points(from pvp system) won't be counted before you kill the player assigned by the new npc. Later we wrote 3-5 players instead of 1, thinking that you, the players, will like the idea. 
      In this manner, we will deacrease the number of pk points needed to clear your pk. 
      So killing this one Target will let you do the pk points. 
      So, we click on the npc(after we are outlaws), and on global chat it will be displayed "Gion is hunting". - now other players can look up for Gion on site to see If his level range matches theirs, so they can know if they can be a possible Target or not. 
      Some possible cases that might happen:
      -the assigned player to kill by the npc goes off-line, here you can click again on the NPC, and another player will by assigned
      -you can't find the respective player for 15 minutes, or you can't kill him(he has better gear or his friends are defending him) , you click again on the npc
      -we will try to assign players from different gens, If possible
    21. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from Killerwho in Race Event - 05.05   
      The screenshots:  https://imgur.com/a/6rwrxHv
      Fade2Black - cons, 2bok5 + 2bok4
      PinkWutong -3rd, Flame of Condor, refused to receive it, so he is not eligible anymore
      Arinola - 2nd, Feather of Condor
      BahoBilat -1st, Feather + Flame
      Shatterind - cons

      Thank you guys for coming !
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      Gion got a reaction from k2za in How to get started + some "secrets"   
      Updated with some events and info
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      Gion got a reaction from Killerwho in Doppelganger Event   
      Feedback after releasing the new patch ?
    24. Really?
      Gion got a reaction from trololo in CowsGoMu   
      We allow only screenshots of the full chat log and the prints must be made in game, not in windows.
      Why not post the full screenshot?
      And please report in the right section.
      Closed, and the topic will be deleted in a couple of hours.
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      Gion got a reaction from Killerwho in How to get started + some "secrets"   
      Updated with some events and info
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